Monday, November 19, 2007


I'm back! Though in a different form, Naltai finally conned me into going back to our Elvaan's so he could return to his 46-ish DRK. I may update Pahya's blog as I can but most of my posts will be here:

Friday, November 10, 2006

I've been away from Windurrrst for a while, rrrunning around Al Zahbi with new errr... friend. Firrrst thing I did when I got home was go to the choco stables and.... Squeeeeee!

Isn't she gorrrgeous? Little AyuMomo has certainly gotten big, I just need to track down a choco whisle, I can't wait to rrride her!

*flees from the wrath of Strawberrie*

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

AyuMomo grrrew up!

( Strawberrie is gonna kill me >.>)

The choco taru lady told me how beautiful her color is, and I agree! Though it looks sorrrta like she just needs a really good bath...

Somehow grrrowing up made her really grumpy. Chocotarulady suggested I let her compete against other chocobos to work off some time and oddly enough, on ourrr walk to the Canyon today I ran into three pompous hume guys who challenged me to a race. Ha! We'll see about that.

((Her care plan was:
1: Take a Walk 4 days
2. Take a Walk 2 days
3. Listen to Music 2 days
4. Take a Walk 2 days.

She was fed mostly cheap things, because I'm poor. She got a vomp carrot once but mostly she ate gysahl greens and a sandorian carrot now and then. I took her on walks every day as much as I could and watched over her a handful of times a day. Her Strength got to substandard two days before she grew up, and right after growing up both Strength and Stamina are substandard, with everything else at poor.))

Monday, October 30, 2006

I made a new frrriend!

This is Hachiatama, I met him in Windurst Waterrrs... or actually he ran into me in Waters, literrrally. I think he's a new trainiee with one of the Minesteries, he asked me to show him wherrre the Saruta gate was. Looking down at this shorrrt little thing who crrrashed right into my legs I wondered how in the world something so small could wanna go out to Saruta. He looked like Yagudo bait and I told him so. Turns out, he's a little scrrraper! Afraid that if I didn't show him the gate he'd start biting my ankles I guided him out and watched him squish any rarab or mandy in his way. Birrrds on the other hand... *giggles*

He's verrry cute, like all taru. And I plan on making him my little dress up doll, if he likes it orrr not.

You'll also notice that I finally brrroke down and cute my hair back to how it use to be. Having long hairrr was nice, but yesh does it get in the way.

((Hachi is an old roleplayer friend of my and Tai's from our WoW days. We love him to tiny bits and pieces and really hope he chooses to stay around Vana'diel for a while with us :) ))

Friday, October 27, 2006

~Harvest Festival Pictures~

*pasted haphazardly, and very crooked and sticky like into the pages of Pahya's jounal*

"Jazzmonke, Kortie - Pahya, Naltai Harvest Festival 2006"

"Smile (and wave!) for the camerrra! .... and stop trrrying to see up my skirt! *blush*"


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Vacation time!

That's rrright, I've been working so hard recently it's time forrr this cat to take a vacation. Sitting in Windurst Naltai asked me what we were going to do that night. I rrran through the things in my head, -Chase goblins in the Jungles? Hunt trrreasure in Gusgen? Pick the pockets of rrrandom passersby? Or... hmm.... clams.-

So off to Purgonorgo Isle we went! Tai had neverrr been and I'd only been once a long time ago so I was excited to show her arrround.

Even just waiting for the manaclipperrr was relaxing, though I had to talk Tai out of poking the Efts to see what they'd do. Swimsuits, while adorable, do not make good armor. After annoying the nearby efts for a while the boat arrived and we were off.

The manaclipper rrride is so much more fun than the usual ferry trip. The waters are just beautiful! It was rrreally hard not to dive over the side, I wanted to go swiming in those crystal waters so badly, patience... not a virtue of mine.

The other neat thing is that there's a tour guide, and a cute mithrrra tour guide at that.

The boat rrride was over too soon if you ask me, but when it ended we were on the beautiful shores of Purgonorgo Isle. Clams here I come!

I gave Tai a short tour of the island, she got a huge kick out of the uruganites. *giggles* Especially since she leaned on one thinking it was a rrrock and nearly knocked me over in a panic when the thing moved. After gathering her wits she squeeled and began an excited babble about how cute they are, which they are .. in a mossy-squid-rock kinda way.

We spent a wonderrrful day on the beaches, fishing and splashing in the water and of course, digging up clams. Best clams in Vana'diel come from Purgonorgo and if you can manage to get them open with your bare hands (thank you claws!) they're very yummy fresh. By the time we were done we had a pile of empty clam shells next to us about a foot high and very happy kitten tummies.

We sat on the beach and talked for a long while, letting the waves wash over our feet and our tails, watching the sun set. I should go on vacation morrre often, if only to give me reason to wearrr this cute outfit.

Monday, October 23, 2006

So busy, whew!

While wanderrring through Jeuno a few days ago I was flagged down by a mithrra named Luto, I was suprised because she was wearing something that I'm willing to bet was made my Naltai. I'm glad to see herrr designs catching on. She prattled on about looking for someone to gather some inforrrmation for her. I wasn't paying much attention until she said the magic word.... trrreasure.

That worrrd always makes my ears perk up, mreowr. I spent some time working on making my feet hurrrt running around for her. On my way back to deliever some inforrrmation I'd dug up I encountered a hume women who was looking for her lost daughter.

I was willing to help, I can only imagine losing my kitten... if I had one. I didn't rrreally need to offer though since before I could open my mouth my new friend Luto volunteered me. I asked arrround town and someone actually saw the little girl heading outside of town. What little girrrle in a right mind, hume or not, would wander out to Batallia Downs?

Least she was outside, so much easierrr to pick up a sent outside of town. I grrrabed Tai, who was also doing some worrrk for Luto and together we head out. After finding the girrrl's trail we followed it to... Eldieme Necropolis. Starrrting to wonder about this little girl's intelligence... mithrrra back in Kazham would call that naturrral selection. But... in we go!

And good thing we did because we found the little girl, AND we found the mithrrra I suppose to be gathering information on. We also found... a very angry dead guy.

((Two deaths for me, one for Tai and five attempts before we beat him once for each of us. But we did this whole quest with a 30RDM/15WHM and 30THF/15NIN. I'm proud :) ))

He, was NOT a happy camperrr! Thankfully Tsuim helped us out and we got the little girrrl back safely. So where's my trrreasure you ask? Good darrrn question! I got no trrreasure, in fact I got another job. Pfft, this time to Sandoria to look for some mirror or something or another that Tsuim and Luto were interested in. Only thing that got me therrre was the thought of all those elvaan men. *grins*

So off to Sandoria... did I mention that my feet hurrrt? After going there somehow, I'm still not clearrr how but I blame Naltai, I ended up looking down the throat of a dragon.

After all that, I still didn't get any trrreasure! But, I did make some new frrriends.

((Finally! I've wanted to do this quest forever! Very glad to finally have my NPCs. And as a bonus, Naltai's NPC looks like my first character, the one I played when he first met me ))